The foundation in action

Our Recruiting Service

  • Based on hours spent, resources needed, and overall operating costs, we place the value of each placed student-athlete at $2,000 (traditional educational consulting can cost 3 to 4 times this amount).
  • To relieve additional financial burden on families, we do not charge the player or his family for this service.
  • Our goal for each academic year is 50 placements from around the world.
  • Please refer to the Recruiting Tab to see what this service includes for each Gridiron Imports Family member.


  • Our Showcases set us apart from anyone else creating opportunities for football players around the world.
  • The cost associated with securing fields, bringing over and hosting US coaches, as well as prizes, t-shirts/give aways, and snacks for participants plus miscellaneous expenses add up to roughly $12,000 per Showcase.
  • Our fee for our Showcases is only €49 per camper in order to make the events available to all who are interested.

College Camp Tour

  • The cost per participant on our College Camp Tour is roughly $1500 (based on 10 campers over 10 days) with the cost of ground transportation, lodging, meals, and camp fees making up almost equal percentages.
  • Airfare adds $500-$1000 extra for each participant.
  • Sponsorship would allow us to decrease costs, increase participation and bring the absolute top football players from around the world regardless of financial background.
  • Our goal is to bring 30 players with us in 2024 and have the trip fully sponsored.

Player Sponsorship

  • Our Gridiron Imports Family high school and college members face expenses beyond what is covered by their scholarship awards.
  • These expenses can range from a portion of tuition, books, clothing, additional meal money, travel and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • While not every member of our Gridiron Imports Family requires the same level of financial support, our goal is to help make attending school possible for some and more manageable for others
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